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Air Lifting Bags

Thin, powerful & light weight - 1.1 Ton - 77 Ton Capacity



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Simplex air lifting bags are designed for heavy-duty lifting and rescue operations. Key features include durable multi-layer construction, high-pressure capacity, reliable pressure relief valves, and a non-slip surface for stability. These bags are versatile, portable, and used in various applications, such as vehicle recovery and industrial lifting tasks.

Air Lifting Bags
FROM - Simplex
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Simplex Hydraulic Jacks & Pumps

Thin, powerful & light weight, Simplex Air Lifting Bags are the answer to the toughest industrial applications. Starting with a minimum height of 1.1”, Simplex lifting bags offer high capacity for clearances too small for most conventional jacks. They are ideal for use in railroads, construction, mining, shipyards and industrial applications that require safe, reliable lifting, spreading, bending or pushing. Simplex air lifting bags are manufactured with neoprene & Kevlar reinforced construction and are safer, stronger and more reliable than other bags on the market. When selecting the proper air bag arrangement, consider size and lift requirements.

Air Lifting Bags

More Information:

The amount of contact surface is a direct relationship to force output. It’s important to consider the lifting height when sizing the proper air bag. As an air lifting bag inflates (increasing convexity), contact surface is reduced, which lowers the lifting capacity.

Air bags stacked on top of each other will increase the lifting height, but not the overall air bag capacity.

Lifting capacity depends on the size of the air bag surface in contact with the lower surface of the object to be lifted.

Available  Model Types:

1.1 ton Capacity, 1.6 in Stroke, 2.7 in Max Height
3.1 ton Capacity, 4 in Stroke, 5.1 in Max Height
6.4 ton Capacity, 4.8 in Stroke, 5.9 in Max Height
10.8 ton Capacity, 5.9 in Stroke, 7 in Max Height
14.2 ton Capacity, 7.5 in Stroke, 8.6 in Max Height
22.7 ton Capacity, 9.5 in Stroke, 10.6 in Max Height
27.7 ton Capacity, 10.6 in Stroke, 11.8 in Max Height
35.3 ton Capacity, 12.9 in Stroke, 14.1 in Max Height
46.4 ton Capacity, 15.3 in Stroke, 16.5 in Max Height
58.8 ton Capacity, 16.5 in Stroke, 17.7 in Max Height
77 ton Capacity, 19.3 in Stroke, 20.5 in Max Height

Simplex Air Lifting Bag

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